10 Ideas For Home Improvement Projects Under $200

Are you looking to upgrade your house doing home improvements on a shoestring budget? Minor, inexpensive changes to your home can go a long way in elevating its look, boosting its value and increasing your comfort. Whether you intend to enjoy living in your home for years to come or make it more appealing for a fast sale, the following affordable home improvement tips are simple to accomplish and easy on your wallet.

How to Re-Grout Tiles to Look Brand New

Are the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom not looking their best? If you've tried clean grout in between your tiles but not achieved good results, you may decide to improve their appearance by re-grouting them. The first step when you re-grout tiles is to remove the worn, stained grout already in place. You'll need an electric grout remover or a grout rake. An electric tool is easiest to use if you need to work on a large area, but a grout rake is a useful alternative if you are new to grout removal and prefer to work at a slower pace to gage results.

Early Warning Signs of a Plumbing System Problem

Most homeowners don't give much thought to the pipes and ductwork running through their home, at least not until something goes wrong. When the toilet is stopped up or the bathtub is not draining, plumbing takes on a new significance. The good news is that plumbing problems rarely come out of nowhere. In most cases, your plumbing will give you an early warning that something is amiss, and it is up to you to spot those subtle signs and do something about them.