major renovation

Renovating your house can be a great way to make sure it stays up-to-date and relevant to your needs, but it can also be a stressful time for all involved.

One such stress is deciding whether you end up staying in your home, or find somewhere temporary to stay until the work is done. How do you decide what the right choice is?

If you’re facing this decision, you’ve come to the right place. This post will help you decide if you should stay, or go, during a major renovation of your home.

What’s Being Done?

The first thing you need to consider is the scope of the project. Exactly how much of your house is going to be ripped apart, and how long is it going to take?

It’s also important to consider which rooms are going to be affected by the major renovation. While you might be able to make do without a living room or bedroom for a while, other rooms you might not.

Bathrooms, for example, are very high on the list of rooms you can’t live without on a daily basis. Kitchens can be pretty vital too, but there are ways you can work around not having a kitchen. It just depends on how much space you have elsewhere, and what planning and effort you’re willing to make.

There are instances where you’ll likely have no choice but to leave the house until the work is done. A complete roof removal, rooms expanded out from an exterior wall, or another story being added to the house are great examples of this.

Any time a good portion of the house is exposed to the elements and your safety and comfort can’t be guaranteed, you’ll have to move out until it can be.

Essentially, if more than half of your house is being worked on, your plumbing and electricity are compromised, or you won’t be safe, you’ll want to go. Otherwise, staying depends on what you’re capable or willing to deal with.

Which Costs More?

Yes, it’s true that renting out somewhere else to live during a major renovation is going to put a dent in your wallet. However, there are other considerations you’ll have to make before you decide this is an expense you don’t want.

One should be the length of time it will take to finish the project. If you stay in the house, will the contractors have to work around you each day? Will they have to take extra time to clean up any hazards at the end of the day? How much will you hinder the process?

If you do stay, will the company charge you extra for the additional cleaning and safety measures they’ll have to take if you’re around? Will they have to rush to complete projects that include plumbing or electrical?

You’ll have to figure out how much time would be added to the project if you stayed, or if any rushed work might pose an issue you’d have to fix later on down the road.

If the difference is minimal and you aren’t forced to leave by the type of work being done, then staying may be your best option. If not, you’d be better off taking the rental expense.

One way to help ease the mental burden of shelling that extra money out would be to include it in the renovation budget. That way, it’s not a shock, you’ve already allotted for it, and you’ve got piece of mind all the way.

Who Could Be Affected?

Make no mistake about it, a major renovation is not a walk in the park. It can be loud, dusty, dirty, and very stressful. It can also be hazardous, if the right precautions aren’t taken around the materials or actual work.

If it’s just one or two healthy adults in the home facing the renovation, then you’ll probably be able to take the proper steps to stay safe and well. If your family also has children or pets, on the other hand, you’ll have to take that into consideration.

Pets, for example, can be extremely stressed by the noises, smells, and strange people in your house. They can also end up in areas where they shouldn’t be, which could lead to them getting hurt.

Now, it is possible to restrict some animals to a specific area or room of your house, and keep them safe. You can’t always do the same thing with your children, however.

While children might not face the same stress factors a pet does, they still have the potential to into trouble or get hurt. They could also get into areas they shouldn’t be in, hurt themselves on materials, or even get sick from the dust and debris made, if your house is old enough.

Elderly or ill adults could also be affected by this dust and debris, if enough of it were inhaled unintentionally. Even if your contractors use air filtration systems to keep it down, there’s still going to be parts of the job where there’s just too much to filter out.

In the end, how much will it end up affecting your own health and the health of your family, not to mention your mental well-being?

Are You Ready For A Major Renovation?

Ultimately, your decision will depend on your own unique circumstances. The most important things to consider, however, are your family’s health and safety, your overall budget, and how much stress you’re willing to deal with.

Renovations are never easy, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a nightmare. As long as you understand exactly what you’re getting into, plan accordingly, and hire the right people, you can turn your aging abode into the home of your dreams again.

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