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Updated April 3, 2020

Do you want to make your backyard awesome this summer?

Like most of us, you’re probably done with winter weather and starting to daydream about an awesome summer. Are you thinking about longer days and being outside on hot nights? Oh yeah. Well we’ve got a huge collection of backyard ideas to take your mind off winter.

Some of those daydreams probably include cooking your dinners on the barbecue and having a good time outdoors with your family and friends. These are the kind of thoughts that get you through those terribly cold winter nights and shoveling snow. Okay, don’t go there too long. Bring your mind back to happy summer thoughts. There that’s better, mmm barbecued ribs, cold beer… of course our minds keep on working, wandering and trying to be practical. If your awesome summer fantasy keeps turning to thoughts about your lame barbecue, your deck being in rough shape, your backyard being a mess, at least those are things, unlike the weather, these are things you can have some control over and you do something about it. Maybe you just need a little inspiration to make your own backyard ideas come to life.

Here are lots of backyard ideas to help to get your yard poppin’ and ready for a great summer!

HomeRenoCare’s Inexpensive Ideas to Make Your Backyard Pop

You spend a lot of time and energy to make the inside of your home look its best, carefully polishing your hardwood floors, deep-cleaning your carpets and protecting the upholstery on all your furniture. Now that you are done with all that, it is time to show the outside of your home some love.

You already know about curb appeal, but the exterior appearance of your home is important even when the property is not for sale. Having a beautiful exterior landscape will make you feel great, and you can enjoy the great outdoors without ever leaving your driveway.

Exterior upgrades do not have to be expensive. In fact, some of the most effective are also the least costly. Here are five inexpensive ways to beautify the exterior of your home. (BTY – There are links to tons of ideas near the end too.)

#1. Get Creative With Planters

backyard ideas planters

You do not have to dig up your front yard to enjoy an abundance of colourful flowers and a never-ending supply of fresh vegetables. All you need is an assortment of planters and containers, each carefully arranged and lovingly cared for.

A large planter by the front door can make your home look warmer and more inviting. A line of smaller planters in the front yard can help you create a stunning front walkway. A couple of planters on your porch or back deck can turn that wasted space into a vibrant and bountiful home vegetable garden. The ideas are nearly endless, and the only limit is your own imagination.

2. Light Up Your Landscape

landscape-lighting for home improvements

You can do so much with landscape lights, and homeowners have more lighting options than ever before. The widespread availability of solar lighting means that you may not even have to string any wires – you can simply put those landscape lights in place and let the sun do the work.

The ideas for using landscape lighting are nearly limitless. You can install inexpensive solar lights along your front walkway, making getting to and from your home in the dark safer. Consider an automatic spotlight to your front entry door, enhancing the safety and security of your home. You could even string LED lights along your front porch or back deck for a stunning look that will turn the neighbours green with envy.

3. Add Wildflowers to Your Landscape

wildflowers for home improvements

Planting flowers is a great way to upgrade your landscape, but the upkeep can be pretty intense. From constant watering to checks for weeds and pests, growing a yard full of traditional flowers can take up a lot of your time.

If you are looking for a better and more natural alternative, why not skip the nursery and head into the woods around your home? A landscape filled with wildflowers is a lower maintenance alternative to a traditional flower garden, one that will take up far less of your time. Since they are perfectly adapted to your landscape, the wildflowers you choose should grow beautifully, with little or no intervention on your part.

4. Decorate Your Home with Window Boxes

backyard ideas-window boxes

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to upgrade your home’s exterior, look no further than a set of window boxes. Window boxes and square planters can make your home more beautiful, but they are also easy to care for.

You can fill your window planters with fresh flowers, or use them to grow vegetables and fresh herbs. No matter which option you choose, your home will look great.

5. Brick Pavers

Waterfall and paver patio home improvements

Spending time on your patio is a great way to enjoy those warm days and cool nights, but keeping your outdoor living space in great shape can be a real problem. If you are looking for an upgrade that will look great and last for years, look no further than a set of brick pavers.

Brick pavers are a great way to upgrade your patio, front walkway or any other part of your exterior landscape. These pavers are inexpensive, easy to install and durable enough to last for decades. The clean look is perfect for any home, and when you are done, you will have an outdoor living space you can be proud of.

6. Add a Fire Pit


Adding a fire pit to your outdoor landscape will allow you to spend more time outside even when the weather gets chilly. You can build your own outdoor fire pit over a weekend, or buy a pre-made outdoor fireplace and start enjoying it right away.

Having a fire pit in place can make your outdoor entertaining a lot more fun and encourage your guests to stay outdoors even when the temperature drops. Once you have your fire pit in place, you may wonder how you ever got along without it.

7. Decorate with Rocks


If you are looking for the ultimate in low-cost upgrades, you cannot do much better than rocks. Just look around your landscape; chances are you have the makings of a stunning rock waterfall or a relaxing rock garden.

There are countless ways to use rocks in your exterior landscape, and some of them will not cost you a dime. Even the most elaborate rock decorations are relatively inexpensive, and you can always add to your project as time and money allow.

If you are looking for a fun summer project, you can add a pond to your backyard and line it with natural rocks. The rocks will keep the pond liner in place while giving your new water element a more natural look and feel. If you are feeling less ambitious, you can create a simple rock waterfall or add a relaxing Zen garden to your backyard.

You do not have to spend a lot to make your exterior landscape look like a million bucks. It’s a great home improvement so if you have a few dollars and a few extra hours this weekend, you can upgrade the exterior of your home, making your property look better than ever and making the neighbours green with envy. If the front of your house could use a little TLC, we also have an article about how to boost your curb appeal.

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Have a Great Summer!!!

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