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So you’ve made the decision to finally start knocking out all of those home upgrades you’ve been thinking about -Congrats!

Now that you’ve made the decision to get started on your renovation, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to attack first and your budget is probably the number one thing holding you back.

Don’t let it! We’ve got 10 affordable home upgrades that will modernize your home and fit any budget.

Is There Still A Trend in Home Upgrades?

Home ImprovementLast year, Canadians spent $72.7 billion on home improvements last year and are projected to spend $74 billion in 2018. In fact, Canadians are spending $1.33 in reno costs to every $1 for new construction, and some of that can be attributed to the “HGTV effect,” which has found homeowners more on the love it side than list it.

Before we give you some home renovation ideas, we’re going to explain the difference between two words that get confused a lot: renovation vs. remodel.

Both words mean that you’re improving your existing home but there are two distinct differences. The definition of remodel is “to alter the structure of” while renovate means “to restore to a former better state.”

In other words, think of a bathroom or kitchen remodel – you’re changing the appearance of it. When you renovate your dining room floor, you’re restoring it to a better condition that it was once in.

Updating your home doesn’t have to break the bank. Check out 10 great home renovation ideas on a budget to get the biggest bang with the littlest buck…

1. Paint Your Walls

When you first toured your house with your realtor, you may have scoffed at the previous owner’s choice of wall colors. Your real estate agents probably told you that it wasn’t a big deal and all you had to do was change it.

Depending on what is currently on your walls will determine the time, effort, and cost to change it. If your walls have outdated wallpaper or borders on them, this will be a little more time consuming than just throwing up some primer and spending the afternoon with your paint roller.

When picking out your new wall paints, talk to the paint professional in the home improvement store or your painting contractor. They will help you decide what kind of finish works best for your needs and preferences.

Keep in mind, the color on the sample chip will be much more intense when you put it on a 12-foot by 8-foot wall!

2. Don’t Replace Your Cabinets, Refinish Them

Cheap Home Improvement TipsKitchen and bathroom cabinets account for 20-40% of reno budgets which is why more people are turning refinishing them instead of replacing.

As long as your frames and doors are structurally in good shape, you should be able to strip the current finish, rub sandpaper over them, add primer, then paint or stain.

Adding new fixtures like knobs and hinges to your newly-refinished cabinets are two great ways of how to modernize your home.

3. Add Crown Molding

Yes, crown molding can be pricey but there are now more affordable options out there that don’t require you to purchase a miter saw.

You can now add that look of charm and elegance (and still add value to your home) by using a more modern version. Many manufacturers now make crown molding look-alikes with lightweight polystyrene foam coated in hard plaster.

4. Restore Your Floor

Refinishing Hardwood floorsYou can restore your floor to its original lustre by re-staining it or completely upgrade your floors with a new stain color.

If brown floors aren’t your thing, paint them a different color. White, gray, and black flooring is a popular and modern way to rejuvenate an old look. Make sure you tell a paint professional that you’re using it for your floors because they will have some advice when it comes to finishes and prep work that you’ll want to hear.

5. Stop Clutter With Organizers

Home Organizer

Space organizers are a quick way to update home decor while cleaning out clutter at the same time and they’re not just for closets. Add a storage system to your front entryway so there’s always a convenient place for shoes, coats, and hats.

Use this same idea for bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and living rooms and you’ll have a new look that’s keeping the clutter out. To add a little flare, go with bamboo or wood-finished systems.

6. Upgrade Your Lighting

lighting for basement renovationChanging your lighting fixtures and bulbs can change the entire ambiance of a room. You don’t have to go ultra-modern, either; vintage lighting is a great way to add charm.

Replace your fluorescent lights in your kitchen or bath with LED fixtures, remove the original ceiling fixture in the living room and replace it with a lighted ceiling fan, or add floor or table lamps to your bedrooms. This small change can make a huge difference.

7. Give Your Faucets A Facelift

The quickest and cheapest way to give your kitchen or bathroom a pick-me-up is by replacing your faucets. Some faucets can get expensive but there are usually options that are similar that have a smaller price tag.

You should be able to find a modern faucet, that may even have water-saving features, for less than $150 per faucet. Depending on the number of sinks you have in your home, the cost can add up. But adding a few faucets is still less expensive and a lot less messy than a complete kitchen or bath remodel.

8. Install a Backsplash

If custom tile work is out of your DIY range and budget, there are other options that you can do yourself for as little as a few dollars. Beadboard backsplashes will help product your walls behind your stove and sinks with a classic white look. You can also use adhesive tile to create your own unique pattern or adhesive tin tiles to really make your backsplash stand out.

9. Accentuate Your Exterior

Planters-Backyard-IdeasNow that we’ve gone through the interior of your home, let’s give the outside a little love. Paint your front door a fun accent color, add a new lighting fixture or unique house numbers. Adding a large potted plant to your front porch can also be an inexpensive house upgrade.

While we’re on the subject…

10. Go Green


Even if you’re not a green thumb, you can make small additions to the front yard that will really turn heads. Adding colorful perennials around mature trees, lamp posts, or mailboxes will make your property pop. Or, add some pizazz by installing durable plants along your front walkway.

Home Improvements Don’t Have To Be Scary

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