Is there a bathroom renovation project that is in the works for you in 2018? You might want to take a look at these stylish trends in bathroom design and décor. They might lead to fabulous remodelling concepts that suit your personality and taste.

Treated Organic Materials

Treated bamboo and bleached wood bathroom flooring, fixtures, and accessories turn your bathroom into a refuge where you can laze away a grueling day. Eco-friendly and eye-catching, treated wooden sinks, rough stone vanities, and polished stone basins come in many uniquely amazing patterns that add interest and character to any bathroom. 2018 also offers a range of beautifully finished wood flooring and storage solutions to lend warmth to the bathroom’s otherwise cold, sterile, and entirely utilitarian atmosphere.

Colored Ceramics

Traditional white ceramics are getting a much-needed makeover in the bathrooms of 2018. Gorgeously treated bamboo is expected to coexist with vivid green and lemon-colored ceramic surfaces. Those near-ubiquitous subway tiles will have their iridescent counterparts, instantly creating dreamlike bathrooms. Meanwhile, bathroom floor tiles will sport an Art Nouveau feel. Think of tiles in geometrically pleasing shapes such as playful hexagons in interesting violet and celery tones. Berry shades in bathtubs and sinks are also having their moment.

Industrial Look

Another amazing bathroom trend in 2018 entails the infusion of subdued yet imposing industrial look. Think polished cement surfaces, clear glass, and gleaming steel fixtures. For an added touch of glam, opt for taps in striking gold or brass tones, as well as good LED lighting.


Emerald and plush green tones are such huge hits in residential interior design of 2018. The same is true for indoor greenery as one of the hottest home décor trends. Thus, it is only expected that this same design motif is carried throughout the bathroom. When decorating with plants, choose your planters, pots, and vases carefully so that everything looks well put together. They should match the theme of your bathroom. A miniature tree in a bohemian eco-chic planter, for example, will go best right next to your treated bamboo storage rack for towels. Meanwhile, your spiffy Art Nouveau vanity can use a small 60s-inspired container of cacti and other succulents as décor.


A cascade is another trendy bathroom décor idea that is downright at home with indoor greenery. Like when using plants as bathroom décor, choose the appropriate miniature cascade. An industrial bathroom is best paired with a high-tech-looking glass cascade, while a rustic bathroom can use an intriguing cascade composed of clay and stone elements.

The aforementioned bathroom design trends offer wonderful possibilities. You can do small-scale work without breaking the bank and simply mix and match the décor according to the season or your mood. You can also do full-blown remodeling and have contractors lay down new wall tiles and flooring.