Organizing - Great Home Improvement

No one sets out to have a cluttered home, but life happens. That spacious house you moved into last year now has loose papers everywhere you look, a kitchen drawer full of mismatched cleaning cloths, and kids’ bedrooms overflowing with toys. Some people become so discouraged by the clutter that they just decide to live with it. It doesn’t have to be that way for you. The key to resolving your problem with disorganization is to create a plan and tackle each room individually. Getting your home organized is not always easy but it is important, inexpensive and an excellent home improvement.

Getting organized – an excellent home improvement


It’s easy to reclaim counter space in a bathroom by placing a vertical storage tower. Just getting things off the counters and into an organized space makes your bathroom look cleaner. Another idea is to install wall-mounted shelving to keep each person’s toiletries in a convenient spot so they’re not rushing to find what they need every morning.

Placing a flip-down shelf and one or more cup holders in your medicine cabinet keeps things like make-up and hairbrushes out of sight until it’s time to use them. Before you start any bathroom organization, be certain to go through the cabinets and throw away expired medications or items that no one has used in the past year.


Many parents agree that keeping ahead of clutter from their children’s toys can be an exercise in futility. As soon as they’re old enough, teach your kids that everything they own goes in a specific place. If you find that a single toy box isn’t enough to contain everything, consider donating some toys or replacing the smaller box with a larger one. Adults and teenagers can benefit from storage containers placed at the end of their bed. This helps to clear the floor of personal belongings and makes it easier to find things when needed.

Front Entrance

The front entrance or mudroom of your home is the spot where your family typically drops their coats, shoes, work and school papers, the mail, and anything else they carried in from outside or need to take off before going further into the house. It can quickly become more cluttered than any other room. One way to fight back is to place labeled shelves near the door and let everyone know that they need to put their belongings in the proper spot. A coat rack and shoe rack come in handy for cutting down on front entrance mess as well.


The best way to stay organized at mealtimes is to group items according to function or food group. For example, place cups and bowls on one shelf, boxes of cereal on a second, and spices on a third. You can save time preparing meals by installing a centre island in your kitchen. It also helps traffic flow smoother if more than one person is cooking or handling prep work. A lazy Susan or a small pantry are additional ideas to help you stay organized in the kitchen.

Living Room

Many homeowners have so many remote controls in their living room that they’re not even certain what all of them do. After testing each one to make sure it’s still relevant, gather all the remotes and put them into a basket that goes well with your living room décor. Keeping a small garbage can in the living room helps to keep it looking picked up as does having one or more coffee tables with plenty of storage space. Don’t forget about your available space behind furniture to hide things such as pet beds, pillows, and blankets when you’re not using them.

Living in a clean, organized house can do wonders for your state of mind and it’s a great home improvement. While creating a system of organization takes some time at first, the results are well worth it.

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