Keeping up with your home is an ongoing task for homeowners. Like most other things you own, maintaining the value of your home requires periodic maintenance and repairs. While some responsibilities like tending to the lawn and or having the heating and plumbing serviced are obvious and less likely to be forgotten, other responsibilities of keeping up with the home tend to fall by the wayside. Though it may not seem like much of an issue now, failure to take care of these home improvement jobs can eventually hurt your home and your wallet.

Having the Gutters Cleaned

The gutters are commonly overlooked by homeowners. Though it could have a lot to do with their “out of sight, out of mind” positioning, clogged gutters can lead to expensive problems. Gutters are designed to catch the rainwaters that fall on your home. When cleaned, the gutters route the rainwaters into drains away from the property. However, when filled with debris like leaves and twigs, the rainwater is unable to travel as smoothly. This can lead to roof damage as well as foundation issues. Having a roofer clean the gutters on an annual basis is recommended to prevent this

Upgrading Doors and Windows

The more efficient your home is the more you can save on energy costs. One of the most common ways that homes lose efficiency is through cracks and openings found around old windows and doors. Though options like weather-stripping and plastic can do the trick for a short while, the most effective solution would be to invest in more efficient windows and doors. As there are various styles, materials, and options to choose from, working with an expert on this project is ideal. Searching for door and window replacement Portland Oregon or a location near you will provide you with a list of service providers to help you get your project underway. Installing new windows and doors will essentially keep your heat and cool air in the home, reducing the need to crank up the temperatures, saving you a ton of money.

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