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Looking to remodel your kitchen? While costs don’t come cheap, it can easily get you a nice return on your investment.

People spend most of their time in their kitchens so having one that’s remodeled is beneficial. If you decide to sell your home, you can recuperate 68% to 75% of the costs for that custom kitchen.

The only problem is knowing where to start. You need to add value to your future kitchen and that’s where a lot of homeowners make mistakes.

To help you avoid the most common ones, we’ll take you through what they are. Ready to find out?

Let’s get into it!

Excessive Open Shelving

When it comes to modern kitchens, open shelving is the way to go. You can display your fancy mugs and pretty chinaware.

But when it comes down to it, do you really want all of your items on display? Think about it: you’ll have more than just dishes.

All the food items and dish towels will be out in the open. This can cause your custom kitchen to look like a disorganized mess.

Avoid this by selecting one spot in the kitchen to have open shelving. This could be above the sink or above one side of the counter. The rest should be cabinetry to shelter the item you don’t want everyone to see.

Not Mixing Materials

Do you love when everything matches? That’s great for other things besides your custom kitchen.

If you like the look of marble and use it everywhere–the island, backsplash, and countertops–it’s overwhelming. There are no other materials to break up the monochrome look.

Instead of your kitchen looking sleek, it’ll look outdated. Step into the modern realm of integrating different materials with one another.

This can be achieved by having the island be a different stone like granite or concrete. Just be sure not to introduce too many materials. Sticking to two or three is ideal.

Poor Workflow

Your kitchen needs to have a flow. With the busiest places being the stove, sink, and fridge, it’s important to have them in a dedicated area.

When they’re not, it can cause friction. Someone could be washing dishes and you accidentally hit them with the fridge door because they’re too close.

You need that separation so you can get work done properly. The key is to have those pieces be in a triangle.

For example: the sink can be across from the stove while the fridge is a few inches down from the stove. It’s all about increasing efficiency.

Remodeling Your Custom Kitchen Yourself

While it’s great to create something with your own two hands, it’s best to consult an expert in this case. If not, you’ll quickly find yourself lost which can compromise the whole project.

It’s as simple as going to your local hardware store or asking a contractor. Those options will help you seek the advice you’re looking for.

You’ll have expert tips that’ll help you plan for the best kitchen remodel. And get it done properly and safely.

Going Over Budget

We’re sure you took your finances into consideration before you started remodeling. But did you take the time to consider every little detail?

Details could include minor fixes to the drywall or not buying enough tile for a backsplash. When those things happen, it’s good to have a safety net.

If you’re unsure of what’ll take a big chunk out of your budget, it’s cabinets. They take up about 35% of costs.

When it comes to an upscale kitchen, the percentage could be more. If you’re wanting all the high-end appliances and fixtures, it’s best to over-estimate how much is needed.

That way you won’t be disappointed to know you miscalculated. And you can get everything on your list.

The Trash is Exposed

There’s nothing worse than having guests come over and they see your trash can. They see it because you forgot to include that in your design.

Now your beautiful custom kitchen is overshadowed by the unsightly trash bin. It smells and we know there aren’t a lot of options for a nice looking trash can.

Instead of leaving it out in the open, plan for pull-out drawers. These look sleek and will conceal that eyesore.

Lighting is Bad

When it comes to the kitchen, it’s best to have different types of lighting. Over the island should be pendant lights to illuminate prep work. Under-cabinet lighting to highlight the tile and certain areas of the countertop.

If your lighting is scarce, it can make your kitchen look dull. It should make your guests or potential homebuyers want to spend more time there.

LED lights work great for illuminating any color of kitchen. Plus, they last for years.

You Didn’t Choose Appliances First

How do you know what size cabinets to get if you don’t know which fridge you’re buying? Save yourself the headaches by picking out appliances first.

This way you’ll get an understanding of how everything else will fit. You won’t end up with an awkward design.

Forgetting the Purpose of a Kitchen

It can be easy to get sidetracked by the design of a custom kitchen. There’s so much to include–everything from wall color to the countertop material.

But the most important thing to remember is the purpose of a kitchen. While it’s to cook, it depends on other factors as well.

If you love to cook, you’ll need a bigger kitchen. If you love hosting, you’ll need a great gathering area. Maybe even a bar.

All these things come into play when remodeling. If you forget to include those, you could end up with a kitchen that doesn’t have much function to it.

Wrapping Up

Remodeling a kitchen is beneficial in more ways than one. You can have the kitchen of your dreams while getting a return on your investment if you decide to sell.

The important thing to remember is how to make it better. That’s why we hope you’ll keep these mistakes in mind so you can avoid them.

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