Room by Room Guide for Organizing Your Home – A Great Home Improvement

No one sets out to have a cluttered home, but life happens. That spacious house you moved into last year now has loose papers everywhere you look, a kitchen drawer full of mismatched cleaning cloths, and kids' bedrooms overflowing with toys. Some people become so discouraged by the clutter that they just decide to live with it.

Pet-Safe Plants to Beautify Your Home Decor

Going green is the in thing these days, especially in home decor, but can pets and plants live together safely and peacefully in the same house? The answer is yes; there are plants which are non-toxic to animals, but also beautiful, easy to care for and even help purify the air.  

3 Key Expectations to Have When You Hire a Home Improvement Contractor

Responsiveness, a detailed quotation, and adherence to a proposed work schedule are three key expectations that you should have when you hire a home improvement contractor. A contractor's failure to provide any of these three items is a red flag that you should not ignore. Below is a detailed look at each of these expectations and why all three of them are important to consider as you evaluate potential contractors.

10 Ideas For Home Improvement Projects Under $200

Are you looking to upgrade your house doing home improvements on a shoestring budget? Minor, inexpensive changes to your home can go a long way in elevating its look, boosting its value and increasing your comfort. Whether you intend to enjoy living in your home for years to come or make it more appealing for a fast sale, the following affordable home improvement tips are simple to accomplish and easy on your wallet.

10 Questions to Ask Your Next General Contractor
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10 Questions to Ask Your Next General Contractor

A large home remodelling project is both a financial and an emotional investment. And it's important for your investment that you choose a competent and reputable general contractor for the job. It can mean the difference between total success and total disaster. So how do you select the best general contractor before it's too late to turn back? The answer lies in asking the right questions before you sign the contract.

How to Re-Grout Tiles to Look Brand New

Are the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom not looking their best? If you've tried clean grout in between your tiles but not achieved good results, you may decide to improve their appearance by re-grouting them. The first step when you re-grout tiles is to remove the worn, stained grout already in place. You'll need an electric grout remover or a grout rake. An electric tool is easiest to use if you need to work on a large area, but a grout rake is a useful alternative if you are new to grout removal and prefer to work at a slower pace to gage results.

Common Mistakes When Making a Custom Kitchen

Looking to remodel your kitchen? While costs don't come cheap, it can easily get you a nice return on your investment. People spend most of their time in their kitchens so having one that's remodeled is beneficial. If you decide to sell your home, you can recuperate 68% to 75% of the costs for that custom kitchen. The only problem is knowing where to start. You need to add value to your future kitchen and that's where a lot of homeowners make mistakes.

Hot 2018 Trends in Bathroom Design and Decor

Is there a bathroom renovation project that is in the works for you in 2018? You might want to take a look at these stylish trends in bathroom design and décor. They might lead to fabulous remodelling concepts that suit your personality and taste. Treated bamboo and bleached wood bathroom flooring, fixtures, and accessories turn your bathroom into a refuge where you can laze away a grueling day.

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