HomeRenoCare provides a free service that helps homeowners find various service providers for their needs such as repairmen and contractors by searching its listings of companies across Canada. The community of homeowners write reviews based on their experiences with companies which helps others decide whether that is the company they would like to hire.

What makes HomeRenoCare unique?

At HomeRenoCare we have a Preferred Member status that home service providers must apply for. Then we use unique vetting process to analyze the reputation and history of the company that  is applying. If approved they receive the “HomeRenoCare Approved” badge other listing. It’s not just a pretty sticker, it gives homeowners the security of knowing that this a highly reputable service provider and that if there is any dispute, HomeRenoCare will mediate on their behalf to resolve the problem.

The Founder

Frank McGillan, Founder and CEO of HomeRenoCare, has been in the contracting business for many years and saw the challenges people face on a daily basis. Frank constantly heard terrible stories of people being cheated by paying for services that never got completed or paying for poor workmanship. The stories seemed endless so Frank thought, what if I created an online directory of services that has an elite level of companies that absolutely be trusted.


There are other online directories for these services but they rely on customer reviews and these can often be manipulated by service providers so it’s difficult to trust what you are reading.


HomeRenoCare launched with the confidence in knowing that we will help people will find reputable trustworthy service providers on this website.


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