As a new year beckons, so does the prospect of a fresh start; and for many, this begins with a redecoration or a freshen up around the home.

One of the most-used and easily-updatable rooms in the house is the kitchen. Are you looking at a total refit or simply to inject some new life into the busiest room in the house next year? Here are some simple kitchen design trends to inspire your redecoration plans.

1: Bright Copper Kettles

In place of silver appliances, more and more people are looking at gold, bronze, rose gold or copper items to deck their kitchen with.

The last couple of years has seen this trend grow, and today there is an array of items on the market in these tones, giving the consumer lots of choice.

There are high-end and cheaper copper-coloured toasters, kettles, pots, and pans on the market. But this trend goes beyond appliances.

copper kitchen appliances
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Gold cutlery has become more and more popular, adding a regal and decadent feel to a kitchen. Kitchen paper holders, mug trees, and dish drainers are available in these tones of rose gold too. This means you can give your kitchen an all over injection of opulence.

2: Go Plum

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Shades of purple have taken prominence in 2017 and are set to continue this way into the new year.

One particular variation on this royal shade is a plum tone — which fits ideally with a room where food is the main focus.

This stately yet understated color is the perfect meeting point between neutral and earthy, and lightly jazzy.

If too garish for your walls, tiles or cabinets, add a plum splashback, or one feature wall to the room, giving it that injection of on-trend purple but without being too OTT.

3: One Room, Two Tones

Two-tone modern kitchen

When thinking about kitchen cabinet designs, it’s typical to look at one overall type of cabinet finish for the entire room. But this doesn’t need to be the case.

One simple kitchen trend has seen homeowners decorate a top level of cabinets in one tone, with the lower level made from something else.

For example: If you’re looking to merge traditional with modern, why not install dark wood cabinetry in half of the kitchen. Then for the rest, use a sleek, sheer metal.

Likewise, for an understated touch of color without going too overboard, feature a lower line of cabinets in a brighter shade. Then use a neutral tone for the top row.

4: All for One

Things are forever getting more condensed and simplistic around the home, in every room. And in the kitchen, many are turning to multi-functioning appliances that have more than just the one use in order to simplify the look of the room.

For example, all-in-one appliances that can roast, boil, chop and slow-cook might be something you can invest in to make your life a little less cluttered, also providing you with more of a simple kitchen. Here is one example:

Read unbiased reviews on other similar all-in-one products.

5: Art on Top

You should never be afraid to get arty in the kitchen. And including artwork in this room has long been a popular trend.

But many are using particular accents of their kitchens to merge art with functionality now as well.

A rack for pots and pans above the kitchen island or the stove, for example, can be designed as an art piece but can be used for storage too.

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6: Feature Tiles

A large portion of your kitchen will most probably be tiled – be it on the walls, the floor or the countertops.

A very simple way of using these areas of the kitchen to create a little extra flair is to feature statement tiles, that pop out from your regular ones.

Choosing a neutral tone of tiling and incorporating bursts of colour here and there can be a very simple kitchen design idea.

And if vibrant colours aren’t your style, just do it with a variant on neutral tones.

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7: Chilling Out

Many people today are opting for additional chilling storage in their kitchens.

This doesn’t mean a place to put your feet up; it’s fashionable to opt for a different cold storage area aside from your standard refrigerator.

Wine fridges are increasingly popular now and add an air of sophistication to the room. They can also look incredibly decorative with their tinted glass. These fridges showcase the uniformed lines of red and white vino you have in your collection.

Tall wine fridges are especially attractive too. But other, more tucked away cold storage has been making an impact, giving the room more of a simple kitchen vibe.

modern kitchen with wine fridge
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Chiller drawers, for example, can be installed, making it look as if it’s simply part of the cabinetry.

8: A Simple Kitchen

This idea of simplicity is a trend that looks to move into 2018, along with the minimalist vibe that has been taking hold over the years.

In particular, the idea of installing a self-contained, multi-focused part of the kitchen, that you can shut away, has become popular.

Kitchens with sections that are specifically used for preparing food, making a cup of tea, storing countertop knife blocks or blenders are becoming increasingly popular. These sections feature doors that you can simply pull down or snap shut, hiding away all the clutter into one multi-purpose part of the room.

kitchen storage ideas
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