bathroom renovation

Is your bathroom starting to feel a little crowded? Are you shy of letting guests use their designated half bath because you feel like it’s a little bland?

It may be time to invest in a bathroom renovation. This isn’t exactly the first room that homeowners think of when they want to redesign their space, but, a new bathroom can totally transform the overall look and feel of your home.

It’s a beautiful thing to treat yourself to in the master bed and bath, or a simple project to take on as a way to spice up the design for other people in your home.

Actually, the hardest part is just coming up with the renovation ideas you want to use! Not to worry though, we’ve made a list of seven beautiful ways to remodel and revamp your bathroom(s).

Here they are.

1. River Rock Floors

River rock floors are an interesting, unique way to add some texture to your bathroom.

Each piece is laid to feel as if it were in a natural setting. The rocks are all different sizes and a handful of various colors, which sit on top of a neutral background. The rocks don’t touch each other in order to create a look as if you’re walking on a path by a river.

As beautiful as this is, be aware that river rock floors usually aren’t 100% flat. The rocks have unique curves and edges that cause them to rise or slope down just a tad.

Still, this is a lovely bathroom renovation project – especially for homes that are by the beach, or that have a bit of a country or Mediterranean feel.

2. Wave Mosaics

If you do live by the beach, but you’re not a fan of the river rocks idea, consider using wave mosaics somewhere in your bathroom. These are a great backdrop for your mirrors over the sink space or a nice accent to use by the tub and shower.

Such a design adds some life to the room. The different colors create an aesthetic that is much more interesting to look at than one solid backdrop or flooring style.

Not to mention, wave mosaics can be made of many different materials. Opt for a subtle mosaic made of small tiles, or choose bigger pieces for a bolder approach.

3. Wallpaper from the Top Down

What’s easier than laying down mosaic designs or river rock floors? Using wallpaper to get the design job done.

Wallpaper is simple to apply and even easier to use as a bathroom renovation tool. This one item can create a big difference between what your bathroom originally looked like, and how the finished product will feel.

For an entirely unique approach, though, don’t just do the walls – do the ceiling as well. Not many people realize the potential a ceiling has for home renovations in general.

This isn’t just a place to hang lighting fixtures from or to ignore completely. A trained eye for design knows how to make the most of every inch in a room, ceiling included.

Your guests will be wowed by this interesting approach, and you may even be surprised to see just how well it turns out yourself!

4. Contrasting Textures and Colors

Using strong contrasts in your bathroom are another way to create a design worth taking note of. Think about it: no matter how big or small your bathroom is, you have a basic set of things to work with.

Between the floor, walls, ceiling, and common bathroom fixtures (sink, mirror, shower/tub) – there’s plenty of opportunities to let your inner interior designer out. All you have to do is look around and find the right approach.

Maybe you take the wallpaper tip from above and use that as a way to create a sharp difference from the material used to design the floor. Maybe you take your mirrors off the wall and add a unique background that contrasts the details of the washing area.

These may sound like some radical ideas, but they can actually blend perfectly. Before you give yourself the green light, though, consider consulting an interior design expert or at least getting the opinion of your friends and family.

Too much contrast will look busy and over the top. But, getting your different design styles just right can create a look that’s better than you even imagine.

5. More Natural Light

For homeowners who’d rather take a simple approach to their bathroom renovation, natural light is the thing to focus on. The most common way to do this is to add a skylight on the ceiling.

Such an opening allows for the most use of natural light throughout the day as the sun makes its way from east to west. Not to mention, a skylight provides much more privacy than a window.

But, if you live in an enclosed area, or there’s no way someone can peep into your bathroom, use natural light along the walls. Create more windows and pay attention to the window treatments you use.

This allows you to get all the lovely, natural aesthetics you want, and to be able to maintain them for quite some time.

6. A Slimmer Shower

As much as you can do with the overall bathroom design, there are ways to use common bathroom items to your renovation’s advantage. For instance, there’s no reason you need to keep the same shower you’ve always had.

You can transform your washing space into a shower and tub combo, or downsize the shower into a simple, yet gorgeous space.

The latter can be done by taking away the curb of the shower and using a glass frame and door instead. This works best for showers that already don’t have a tub area.

If you want a tub, though, try using a glass panel rather than a traditional curtain and rod. This creates a minimalistic, yet effective, design that opens up the bathroom’s space and still keeps shower spray from going everywhere.

7. Mirrors, Mirrors

Some people argue that a shower alone is just fine, there’s no need for a tub. But what everyone can agree on is that every bathroom needs a mirror.

Why not use more than one? Creating a unique mirror design is the final piece to a bathroom renovation. You may choose to expand the mirror space you once had and put up a single, large slab on the wall.

Or, you may decide to break up a big mirror and to use small, single-person cuts above each sink instead. Not to mention, you can place mirrors all around the room to make the bathroom feel bigger and more welcoming.

Find the Right Professionals to Do Your Bathroom Renovation

Whether you want to change your mirrors right away or you’d like to spend some time thinking of ways to create a bold, beautiful bathroom contrast, you’ll need one thing: a team of professionals to make your renovation ideas come to life.

That’s where we come in. Our system helps you find the right team for your next home renovation job without any stress whatsoever.

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