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We get it – there’s nothing like the satisfaction of kicking back after completing a DIY project, knowing you did it all yourself.

But have you ever had lingering doubts?

The faucets? The mold you just wiped off? That job you weren’t quite sure how to do but made the best of?

Sure, sometimes it’s fine to do it yourself. There are many times when you would be much better off in mind, body, and wallet by letting someone do the work for you.

Here are 5 reasons why hiring a local handyman is better than doing it yourself.

1. Save Time

Home improvement projects that once inspired us can quickly fall by the wayside and linger on for years. Even the most meticulously planned job can often take far longer than you originally expected.

Stay on Schedule

Hiring a local handyman gives you an assured time frame for completion of your job and the peace of mind that comes with it.

A handyman will usually focus on smaller jobs, including many of the ones a general contractor would not take on. This means they often have more flexible schedules and your project is likely to be completed more quickly.

It’s His Job

The handyman doesn’t have to work around your job, childcare and social commitments like you would. He comes in and gets the job done with minimal fuss.

2. Save Money

It might go against the grain to say that by paying your local handyman you’ll save money, but stay with me.

If you think about it, the handyman is far better equipped than you to take on your project. Here’s why:


First, he already has the right tools for the job. No more coming away from the hardware store having spent a small fortune, not totally sure if you have what you need for the job.

He’ll likely also come with relationships with local suppliers that have been built up over years and could secure you favorable rates on materials.


Second, he knows how to use the tools. A lot of time and effort goes into learning the skills needed to achieve the finish you want.


Thirdly, it’s not his first rodeo. He’s seen it all before – and worse – and has the skills to quickly complete the job.

From working on other homes locally he’ll know the impact of the environment on properties and what works best in the style of properties in your area.

That means he’ll know solutions that have worked before and that can mean saved time, money and stress for you.


As opposed to general contractors who take on large projects, handymen focus on small home improvement projects. This means lower overheads and simpler scheduling.

Your local handyman will have a more flexible schedule and should be able to be more accurate in their pricing. They also often work alone which reduces costs.

Don’t forget as well that you’re protecting what is probably your biggest asset. Keeping your home well maintained will help ensure it keeps its value.

3. Minimize Stress

The lingering doubts mentioned at the outset are just one of the headaches that you can save if you hire a local handyman.

Stress is also part and parcel of the renovating process, however small the project. This is especially true when it’s not your field of expertise.

Lack of Skills

As well as the pressure and frustration that comes from learning new skills and operating new machinery, there’s the hassle of costing and obtaining all the needed tools and materials.

Without experience, this can be a guessing game and a costly one at that. We’ve all seen a friend’s garage stuffed with unused cans of paint and packs of tools for those projects they never got around to.

Pressure on the Family

Relationships also need to be taken into consideration. Managing and running a renovation project, however minor it seems at the outset, will take its toll on any relationship.

Do it yourself projects also tend to take much longer. This impacts on the whole family whilst works are taking place, reducing living space and increasing hazards.

This is especially true if work is fitted around other responsibilities like a full-time job.

4. Minimize Injury by Using a Local Handyman

A survey found that over 1 in 4 DIYers or their relatives will end up in the hospital each year due to home improvement related injuries.

The knock on effects of lost time and earnings can also start to make a serious dent in any money saved by going it alone.

Danger Areas

Common causes of injury include improper use of ladders, hand tools, table tools and knives.

Many things look like common sense to operate but can easily go wrong. Even the humble ladder, if not used at the correct angle or not following basic rules such as not using the final two steps can easily get you into serious difficulty.

Small electrical and plumbing jobs should be treated with caution. Projects using chemicals also contribute to the emergency room trips made each year.

Safety First

Safety is a big part of your local handyman’s everyday life. He knows it saves a lot of time and anguish and he’ll be trained in safe techniques for use of equipment.

He also has the appropriate protective gear that will safeguard himself and your home whilst work is being completed.

5. Achieve a Quality Finish

Your projects may not end in DIY disasters photo galleries, but without years of training and experience, it is hard to achieve the level of detail and finish a quality local handyman can bring.

Whilst it can be hard to admit that our skills might not be up to the job, the handyman will have his areas of expertise.

Harder Than It Looks

Even jobs that seem simple such as painting walls and replacing light fittings are harder than they appear when you’re looking for a high-end finish.

Discuss first what skills he enjoys and excels in, select the right handyman for your particular needs and this will shine through in the end result.

The Takeaway

DIY is not always the money saver it seems to be. Doing it yourself can cause headaches and stress when things go wrong, put you and your family at risk of injury and end up costing more than you expected.

Instead, why not choose a quality local handyman who will take care of everything to a high standard?

Check out our comprehensive services directory and a great local handyman will be on his way soon.