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Are you looking to upgrade your house doing home improvements on a shoestring budget? Minor, inexpensive changes to your home can go a long way in elevating its look, boosting its value and increasing your comfort. Whether you intend to enjoy living in your home for years to come or make it more appealing for a fast sale, the following affordable home improvement tips are simple to accomplish and easy on your wallet.


  1. Replace Cabinet Hardware

To refresh the appearance of your cabinetry, simply change the cabinet doorknobs and drawer handles. You can mix and match decorative knobs, or unify your cabinetry with same-style hardware. Your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms will instantly look more updated and on-trend when you install new cabinet hardware.


  1. Install New Fixtures

Many small fixtures are cheap to replace but can add impact to your decor. Go for silver-tone metal switch plates and outlet covers for an upscale vibe. Stainless steel-finished faucets are perfect to upgrade your bath and kitchen. You’ll also find inexpensive towel bars, towel warmers and spa-style chrome shower heads for your bathroom. Just shop around and compare different products to find the best deal.


  1. Update Your Kitchen Backsplash

A backsplash is a chic and functional decoration that brings personality to your kitchen. To save on costs while expressing your style, use peel-and-stick tiles to create a beautiful mosaic backsplash. You may also choose classic subway tile or wood panels as an affordable backsplash option.


  1. Renew Lighting

Install overhead and accessory lighting to set the mood and make the atmosphere in a room more relaxing. While chandeliers, wall sconces and vanity lights usually look pricey, you can find much cheaper ones at big-box stores that cost as low as $50 but give off a luxurious look. Change a few outdated incandescent bulbs with LEDs for better energy efficiency. It’s a good idea to install under-cabinet lights to brighten your counter space inexpensively.


  1. Install a Ceiling Fan

A great way to upgrade an overhead lighting fixture is to outfit it with a ceiling fan. With a new ceiling fan, you’ll get better air circulation on warm days and enjoy cooler air when the air conditioner is on.


  1. Install Energy-Monitoring Smart Home Devices

To reduce utility costs in the long run, it helps to install smart home devices that let you keep track of your energy usage. Some devices help regulate home temperatures and also notify you when there are unusual changes. There are also devices that warn you of water leaks, helping you avoid costly repairs resulting from undiscovered, long-term leakage.


  1. Update Landscaping

Beautify your home’s exterior by adding lush greenery and colorful flowers to your front yard. Lining up the walkway with blooms and plants can make your home more welcoming. Perennial plants are a practical choice as they grow back every year. With a well-maintained landscape, your home will look more attractive to guests and onlookers.


  1. Repaint the Front Door and Replace the Doormat

You’ll be surprised at how a freshly painted front door can instantly change the look of your exterior. Be sure to choose a pleasant color that complements your home’s exterior. Changing a worn-out doormat, hanging a wreath on the front door and arranging potted flowers on the porch also make your home’s entrance more inviting.


  1. Change the Mailbox

Mailboxes are used frequently but they are often overlooked when updating a home. If your mailbox already looks old, stained and unattractive, it’s time to swap it with a new one or simply paint it with a fresh, vibrant color.


  1. Keep the Fireplace Clean

If your home has a brick fireplace, remove soot stains by wiping them away with a damp rag and get rid of creosote by using a fireplace cleaner. Use a stiff brush to scrub off remaining dirt and stains. A clean fireplace creates a calming ambiance and elevates your decor. Plus, it’s a much desired feature among many homebuyers.

There’s no need to break the bank for home improvement projects, as you can improve your home using the budget-friendly tips above. With proper planning and a bit of elbow grease, you’ll be able to raise your home’s worth and make it a better place to live in for you and your family or the next homeowners. In some cases you may find that hiring a handy man might be a better option than doing it all yourself. Read our article “5 Reasons Why Hiring a Local Handyman is Better than Doing it Yourself”.