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It’s not always simple to keep up with the latest trends in interior design, and most homeowners don’t have the budget to renovate their homes each time styles change. Sometimes you want to do home improvements without going to full-on home renovation mode.

While you can redo your house to chase current trends, the good news is that you don’t have to. Making a few simple changes will allow you to update your home and follow current style trends.

Try these 10 easy trends that will allow you quickly and simply update your home’s interior design.

Circle Patterns

You’ve seen chevron and geometric designs, but the current style is circles. The circles usually appear in rows and are a variety of bright colours. This fun print is cute on bedspreads, pillows and rugs. One piece can transform a room.

Monochromatic Walls

Paint is an inexpensive way to completely change the look of a room. Instead of painting your walls and trim in contrasting colours, the current trend is to keep them the same for one clean look from floor to ceiling.

You can go even further by painting pieces of furniture in that colour, so they blend right into the wall.

Natural Storage

The look of nature is popular right now, so take some of the plastic out of your life and replace it with something woven or made of wood.

Try a rustic bookshelf with wicker baskets to hold your stuff. Replace a ceramic umbrella holder or a plastic bin with a beautiful woven container.

Big Floral Prints

You can instantly update a room by replacing any fabric item with something that has a large, bold floral print.

Florals prints are oversized right now and typically incorporate bright colours. Use this on rugs, curtains, pillows or bedding.

Fun Lampshades

If you’re still using a boring lampshade, it’s time to shake things up. Find something pretty that goes with your personal style. You can buy lampshades in fabric with eye-catching patterns or something in a neutral colour that includes pleats, beading or embroidery.

Homemade Wall Gallery

Transform one wall into a showplace for your family’s treasures. Choose a variety of different frames in the same colour, and create a wonderful gallery of things you love. Include children’s drawings and your favorite family photographs. Mix in some artwork that speaks to you, or choose something with a printed message that is meaningful to your family.

Internationally Inspired Dinnerware

Don’t let your dinnerware fade into the background. It’s time to incorporate some bright, pattered pieces that are decorative as well as functional.

Think about Asian inspired prints featuring nature, or look at brightly coloured Mexican tableware. Anything goes, as long as it’s fun.


Instead of choosing fabrics with animal prints, the current trend is to decorate with the whole animal. Elephants, bears and cats are popular subjects for throw pillows and other fabrics.

Also look for accent pieces like small figures of animals to place around your home. These can be functional, like bear bookends or a moose statue holding up a clear tabletop, or they can be simply decorative pieces that make you smile.

Natural Stone

Many interior designers are using natural stone materials for flooring, countertops and even walls. The stone should look rustic and not too processed.

If a whole section of stone is beyond what you can do, there are small ways to use the same trend. Place a gorgeous stone cutting board over the countertops in your kitchen, or buy an accent table or a planter made from stone.

You could also overlay a small section of one wall with a stone pattern.

Wicker Tables

Take advantage of the wicker trend by replacing a side table in your bedroom or a small table next to the sofa with a table made from a wicker base. You can get them with shelving for storage or thin braids that surround a table base.

Staying in style with your home décor can be as easy as replacing a few simple pieces. Some new paint, throw pillows, curtains or an accent piece can completely change a room. These 10 trends are easy to follow and can make your home look fresh and new.

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