Even though you may be a devoted follower of the modern style (or fancy yourself more of a classic lover, perhaps even Scandinavian?), there’s no denying the appeal that a good old-fashioned rustically styled kitchen can flaunt. Thus, don’t get too uptight with us for being so in love with the rustic style – to each his own.

However, should you also have a soft spot for rustic designs, particularly when it adorns the heart of the home (i.e. the kitchen), or are curious about what can be achieved with the rustic style, then scroll right ahead…

1. Combining different woods

 Kitchen by ateliers poivre d'ane

Oak is the most popular type of wood when it comes to designing kitchens, but don’t discount walnut and beech wood. If you are someone who thinks that every wooden kitchen looks the same, we are happy to convince you otherwise, because there are a variety of finishing and processing methods that can give this material multiple different looks. Limed oak, for example, is fast becoming a trend for interior spaces.

Just see how this kitchen takes advantage of the multiple styles of timber available, combining different colours and grains to produce a most memorable space.

2. Harmony through contrast

rustic Kitchen by ROMANO MOBILI dal 1960

Here we can see another example of how well wooden cabinets and details can fit together with traditional tiles. The bright white tiles, with their clean, minimalist vibe, form a wonderful contrast to the dark wood of the kitchen.

This kitchen also demonstrates another element that is typically associated with rustic designs: wood carving. The delicate engraving on the fan hood above the stove reminds us of days gone by, when vintage designs were known for flaunting wood carvings. Details like this, along with accessories like the teapot and tureen set on the stove, create a homey environment.


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